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Want to access the world's best business growth strategies?

Save your time and money as the world's best strategies, thinking, systems and know-how have been searched for, paid for, tested and refined, prior to going into our Academy of Business Mastery

All that hard work, and over $120,000 invested in learning from the top marketers, mentors and masters of business (over twenty five years) - has been done for you. 

That's some of what has gone into the Academy, and it is full of practical, proven profit increasing information, proven by results. There's no other training anywhere on earth like it, or better than it.

Of course we're biased! But our results aren't. Our clients experience, not just business improvements, but quality of life improvements so their businesses grow faster, with loads more CASH in the bank, while they take some or a lot of time off.

Isn't that what you really want?

Everything you need is here to increase leads, sales, customers, cash, profit, employee commitment and your time.

The Academy of Business Mastery is an 8 month (online or offline) business growth training course focused on 8 subjects of management mastery. You are fully supported and given what you need to implement, and no other business coaching service or course gives you what the Academy does.

Plus, you get all the support you need one on one, and reviews of what you implement during the training. You even receive complete, ready to use systems your business needs right now. Best of all the price is about a third of what the most experienced business coaches charge so its super affordable. 

Academy of Business Mastery course workbooks

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The Marketing Fast Track 

This workshop is what business owners want to know about effective marketing (but didn't know who to ask or trust for answers). Unfortunately business owners pay for marketing, but because they don't pay to learn marketing, often they spend many thousands of dollars on websites, or social media, or Adwords and rarely get a great return.

Our training is a fantastic insight into the most advanced strategies for online marketing in the world today. And because it's not a service you are paying for, the training is all about giving you awesome content, equal to or superior to anything you would pay for from a service provider.

Want better ranking of your website? Want more pages to be ranked, and at higher positions? Want to learn all about online marketing so deeply, and effectively you can do it yourself, or pay a junior to do it? Its all about research (done for you), tools and facts. All three are supplied in this powerful workshop. Best of all, you'll be so aware of proven principles and effective strategies no one will ever 'pull the wool over your ears' to deceive you with what they want to sell you with online marketing. 

This training shows you the critical ingredients of a website that make a massive impact (images and text) that nearly all website developers don't do at the highest level as its outside their training. Best of all, you'll be given access to 10 videos on the secrets of online lead generation for all traditional businesses you can refer to for months to study and learn from. 

The workshop is priced to please! It is the first session of the Academy, or can be attended one its own. Find out more here


The Entrepreneurs VISION 

This half day workshop gives you the most important ingredient of all super successful entrepreneurs - a clear and compelling VISION. It's the perfect entrepreneur training when you're stuck running a "busyness".

Without a clear vision, you just get lost in busyness and day to day tasks. A strong, clear vision accelerates you on your way to success. It gives you clarity and clarity leads to confidence.

With your vision clearly defined, the next step is adopting the mindsets necessary for success. Mindsets are a way of thinking that naturally leads to success, because you get focused on what matters most and invest your time in it, instead of spending it on tasks that won't double your profit in 6 months. The final section of this workshop gives you the 21 strategy types all businesses need to review on their way to accelerated success. 

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Winning Sales with Integrity

This 2 x half day sessions (a week apart) make up this powerful sales training course that introduces powerful principles and specific how-to methods of world-class customer service.

By applying the practices from this workshop dramatic increases in sales and referrals are often the result. Business owners have seen their profits and sales increase 20% to 300% in weeks with one business, an engineering company increasing monthly sales from $600,000 on average to $1,000,000 the month following this 1 day workshop. 

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Leading, Teaching & Influencing with Integrity 

This course is the perfect training for leaders, supervisors, managers and business owners to improve their leading, teaching and influence skills that are absolutely essential with supervising or management related roles.

This one-day course (delivered online or offline) takes all of those 3 subjects (and more) to an uncommonly high level of understanding and skill level. If you wanted to know how to get your employees to learn what you know, to leverage your time and stop repeating yourself, or constantly checking on employees, this training is for you.

It comes with a comprehensive study workshop you will refer to over and over for months afterwards. The content is fresh, new, exciting and very thought provoking.

You'll learn how to persuade any employee to do what you want, plus do it willingly without needing to 'pull rank'. This training is essential for anyone who wants to have influence over another person, while maintaining integrity and respect from the other person. It takes all the frustration out of workplace relationships and brings more harmony and synergy to teams.

To find out more call the office on 1300 778 377 (Australia) (+61 7 3194 0477) or subscribe to the business growth strategies video series and reply to the first email for questions, prices or registration. 




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