In business your skills with people greatly determine not just your business' success, but also your level of happiness.

If you can't influence employees to follow your systems and task requests it can be a frustrating time as a business owner.

The one skill all business owners need to develop is influence.

This workshop has it in spades. 

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You'll be absolutely amazed at what you will learn about in this practical one day workshop...

  • How people's brains are "wired" to learn (so few people understand this)
  • Why "what" needs to come before "how" in teaching and leadership situations
  • The missing ingredient in the majority of communication, which makes employees rebel or not follow your instructions to the letter
  • How to lead any person their ideal way
  • The 4 DISC Profiles and how to manage each one
  • How to practically get any person to do virtually anything you want - with the 9 Principles of Persuasion

If there was one course or workshop that would reduce your frustration with people significantly and rapidly, this is it!

One day a group of managing/supervisory employees were trained in this workshop. It was 2 years after the business owner has attended the same workshop. A comment made by a few of the attendees about tow thirds of the way into the workshop was...

"This is what our boss has been using for years, on us! We know it works, because he gets us to do what he wants - and willingly"

The content is incredible powerful and constructed from pure experience of persuading business owners to implement radically different strategies to achieve radically better outcomes (like their business operating 100% without them).

The power of the information will amaze you because you'll see, and have explained why the strategies work, not just how

The workshop can be delivered offline or online using Go To Meeting (like a video conference) and is split into two half day sessions. A comprehensive workbook is also supplied as well as a DISC Profile assessment to understand how to lead each person uniquely based on their DISC Profile. 

Attendees of this workshop will leave with an excellent understanding now just of how to lead, teach and manage any person, but also why you need to follow certain proven principles. The workshop is not where the learning ends, as there is much information in the workbook to review, read and study for months to come as it inspires people to be better leaders in all areas of their life. 


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