This half-day entrepreneur training course is an awesome 'Entry Level' introduction to the POWER of our information and a fantastic sample of the power of the ULTIMATE business growth training - The Academy of Business Mastery.

The Entrepreneurs VISION is excellent for all business owners to accelerate their business' profit growth - whether you have one year of business owning experience, ten, or more.

Business growth and success is all about getting clear of your priorities, especially with your own time. Its about investing your time wisely, not spending it by running a busyness. That's the entrepreneur's mindset, the workshop will expand on more. 

Rapid profit increases can result from getting clear of what strategies you need to focus on, and this awesome workshop will reveal those strategies and priorities to accelerate your business growth!

If you feel like you're running a busyness and never have any time (including time for this course),or are you regularly thinking about your business after going home for the night or on weekends?

You're ready for a change for the better, and some inspiration to take your business to the next level with the Entrepreneurs VISION.

The Entrepreneurs VISION will give you clarity of your dreams in life, your business goals and what you need to focus on as your number one priority to achieve your goals using strategies.

The 1/2 Day Workshop Includes...

  • Setting achievable goals, discussing them writing them into your workbook. 
  • Exploration of how entrepreneurs and super successful business owners think. Mindset determines thinking, which are a prelude to actions and results. Mindset is where it begins
  • Strategy identification for what your business needs right now, to double the net profit.

The workshop will introduce you to the 21 strategy types. These are the tools to build your business and without knowing all the tools, you can't build a super profitable business.  

Plus... the workshop includes the powerful Business Growth Calculator tool, to plan the growth of your business with 8 powerful KPIs.

The workshop is delivered online in a video conferencing room online and you'll receive a workbook to fill in as we discuss and document high level entrepreneur principles of growth. 

The course investment is only $AUD297 - an absolute bargain, and an extra $97 for partners. 

The Entrepreneurs VISION - Registration

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: Register to confirrm your place in the next workshop now. You'll then be notified of the next workshop date/s. Payment is NOT required until the workshop date is anniunced, and your attendance is confirmed. 

Times: The workshop training is held over 4.5 hours (with a short break) in a video conference meeting online.  

Investment: $AUD297 - payable 5 days in advanced of the workshop. 

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