There are dozens of skills to learn to become super successful and escape the struggle syndrome. 

Our selection of 46 little known, business growth strategies can create a HUGE boost to your sales and profits, rapidly

Just like learning a trade, you must know certain common skills and then you rely and benefit from them for years and years to come.

Not having these skills costs you a small fortune, both in what you aren't making and what you are wasting with hard earned cash on strategies that will never work! 

Wouldn't it be great to short-cut your "learning curve" and get these skills now in weeks instead of painfully over years?

The answer is YES, you can!

The good news is, you don't have try to develop all the skills you benefit from on your own. You probably don't need a business coach. And you don't need to waste years of learning, researching each subject, finding quality content and doing it all yourself.  

The course (below) is a collection of what virtually all business owners need and have said they wanted most.

If you want the most comprehensive business growth training imaginable, with all the measuring tools, complete systems, 155+ strategies (and 50 will WORK for your business), then check out our Academy of Business Mastery. Its arguably the best business course online, seen by the huge number of spectacular profit increasing results. 

Our entry level training with 46 strategies is a great place to start if you're not ready for the best (LIVE) business growth training course online. The name of this digital training is a reflection on how effective and powerful the content is...

The DOUBLE Your Profits VIDEO Training Course


How would you like to DOUBLE your business profits? What difference would it make to have double the CASH in your business account?

This VIDEO training is the most complete training you'll find anywhere online. Not only does it come with a 97 page workbook, with information, questions and exercises, it also has 17 hours of videos that interact with the workbook.

This is a fully guided training program, and its just like having a mentor sitting over your shoulder talking to you about strategies. The training includes the basic skills, and also 46 powerful, proven strategies

What Types of Businesses Are Suited to this Training?

All types, but especially service businesses that provide quotes with prices on the phone and face to face.

What Does the Content Include?

The content is broken into these 7 topics...

  1. Proven Principles of Super Profitable Business Success
  2. Increasing the Productivity of Your Staff
  3. Reducing Your Costs and Expenses by Measuring
  4. Increasing Efficiency with Systems and Technology
  5. Improving Your Conversion Rates (from quotes to sales)
  6. Increasing Prices and Your Average Dollar Sale 
  7. How to Generate More Leads

This online business growth training course will increase your confidence to make far more effective decisions about your marketing, pricing and employees and you'll see your figures improve as you apply the strategies.

So how much can you expect to pay for this training course, with its 17 hours of business growing content a full 97 page workbook, measuring tool and special surprise bonuses?

Consider that a business coach training you for 17 hours, about an hour a week would take 17 weeks, or 4 months and that business coaches charge between $1,500 and $4,000 per month, that puts the true value of this training at $6,000 minimum. But unlike a business coach charging $1,500 with little experience, this content comes from 32 years of business experience and 18 years of training over one thousand businesses to find out what strategies work and what don't. That experience is means you can short-cut thousands of dollars in business coaching training. 

But the good news is, this training is on videos, so you can go directly to any section, replay it and access the videos for years. Its not even going to cost you $1,000, even though it was sold previously as a special limited release for $997.

You'll be pleased to know the price is just $AUD297 (for a limited time) and if you want to know how much and are ready to invest in getting this fantastic training on 46 unique and powerful business growth strategies, then fill in your details below. This training package is not going to be on offer again for long, so if you're considering the incredible value it provides, get started now while its still available. 

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Think of it as an 'expression of interest' only. No payment is required at this time. 

That's because we want to be sure this training suits you and your business and is going to give you a BIG profit return for your investment.

This form will trigger an email response with a few questions about your business we need to know to make sure its right for you, and yes the email will include your investment. Fill in the form above now and let's get you started on the best investment you will even make in your own business success!




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