When you've grown your business to where you employ three people, you're moving into the management phase of growing your business.

You probably have leads coming and usually plenty of work to keep your employees going.

You may have also noticed though that you have less time, not more and you're being pulled in various directions during the day. You know you need to work ON your business, but you may be struggling with the time to do that and that may be the case even if you have twenty or fifty employees.

If you relate to this, with little time to work ON your business, you're at the stage where you need more "structure" and that's where the Academy of Business Mastery is a perfect match for your business right now. 

The course introduces a performance structure that focuses on profitability and to generate a LOT more cash in the bank. Cash is what the business needs to grow the business, plus it makes hiring an extra employee to free up your time a very easy and wise decision. How to do all this is what the Academy of Business Mastery is all about. 

The Academy is unlike any other training, or business coaching service because it is training (and not coaching) on how to put in place systems included in the course your business will need and those systems even include complete measuring tools that suit your specific business' requirements. 

During the Academy we'll get to know your business intimately and discuss all your measuring needs, from leads, conversion rates, total sales, production progress, gross margins in production, cash flow and more to identify the best ways to track all these critical KPIs for your business. And yes, all the measuring tools your business needs are included in the course, and then some.

No other business growth training course or business coach in the world supplies all the measuring, ready to use systems, and management reporting tools your business needs.

That's why over twelve accounting firms recommend Profit Transformations and the Academy of Business Mastery. Plus the spectacular, often life changing results sure contribute to the glowing endorsements we recieve from accounting firms and clients.

You can put your trust in our 20+ years of experience with training 1,261+ business owners in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service and importing businesses. Our sheer experience and results make the Academy of Business Mastery a safe and very wise choice.

The good news is, one on one discussions and reviews are also included as much as you need them, so you're getting the best of business coaching with a course, but not at the (ridiculous) expense of business coaching, which these days ranges from $20,000 (for half decent coaces) up to $48,000 for the year. 

The Academy of Business Mastery is very affordable for businesses from $500,000 up, which we recommend is the minimum turnover of our attendees' businesses.

Why not check out the Academy and have your questions and any concerns answered, take the first small step to a business transformation to increase your profits without spending a dollar more on anything other than the training. 

"Express your interest" with the form below to receive a "Contents of the Course List" and a list of all the digital, done-for-you systems and templates you receive that no other course, or business coach anywhere in the wolrd will give you with the training.

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Insights into the Content of the Academy

With complete, 'done-for-you' systems and training the Academy equips you with all the know-how to see your business become far more profitable and able to grow by multiple millions of dollars in sales, year after year after year. And best of all, your time in the business is reduced as your business operates and grows - without you.

Whatever your challenge or goal in your business you want to achieve, the Academy of Business Mastery has the solutions and systems to empower you to achieve it. 

No other course, business coaching program, or training includes all these...

  • A complete employee engagement system, to take your team through "5 levels" of team building, where at the fifth level you no longer need to work in your business full time
  • A complete recruitment systems to attract, identify and select great attitude employees who work reliabily, consistently and hard whether you're working or not yourself
  • A complete suit of business analysis tools - to see the financial "ratios" of your growth, to make confident decisions with pricing
  • A complete set of measuring tools to see exactly where your business is tracking each and every week and month
  • 50+ strategies accurately identified and matched to your business in a priority order of effectiveness
  • A Business growth planning tool where in the course we work together to plan to double or triple your business profits - without doubling your leads or number of employees
  • System templates and insights to create your own systems in weeks, not months or a year
  • Advanced conversion rate strategies, learned from the best marketers, tested and refined over 25 years. These allow you to sell at higher prices than competitors, increase profitability and cash in the bank
  • Advanced cash-flow boosting strategies, including reducing debtor/overdue receivables rapidly
  • Payment on time strategies
  • Advanced lead generation strategies, including proactive referral systems, strategic alliances and setting up host beneficiaries for zero cost lead generation
  • Management tools to safely step out of your business so it operates without you with numbers you review in minutes every week
  • A full recruitment system to hire a general manager, including the Job Description and KPIs required

You also receive one on one reviews of your business' Profit & Loss Statement with suggestions on how to customise your Chart of Accounts.

Plus, you'll not only receive measuring tools to track leads, sales, conversion rates, production values, gross margins on jobs and employees, and you'll also receive a cash flow tracking tool. All these tools are ready-to-use templates.

No other training, coaching or course anywhere in the world includes all of the above 'ready-for-you' systems with training.

The results of attendees are spectacular and consistent. Watch videos on the homepage for sample results of real business owners who attended the course. 

Here's what some of our professional alliance partners and clients say about the Academy of Business Mastery after attending it themselves with their clients... 



Extraordinary Results

See our real world results, from real world clients, open to give their own names and business names. 

You can also see professionals like accountants and financial planners go on record saying about the results from their own, first hand experience. 

Get in contact with us to talk about your business goals, challenges and dreams you'd like to achieve and how the Academy of Business Mastery training course can achieve them all. 




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