Growing a Business isn't that Hard, Having a Better Quality of Life is

You don't want more stress from growing your business, you want less, and to work less hours as your business grows?

If you can relate to that, check out the results below, because they aren't just about impressive sales/turnover increases, they are about profit increases, and quality of life improvements.

PROFIT is what pays wages (of an extra employee that frees up your own time), and from almost two decades of research, and working with over one thousand businesses, we've seen how low the Net Profit MARGIN is of the average service business, and unfortunately in 90% of all businesses (over $500,000 revenue) its not very high. 

Increasing turnover is NOT the same as increasing turnover to increase profit.

Seeing $500,000 more in sales, is about $20,000 to $50,000 more in profit for the vast majority of service businesses, simply because the net profit margin determines profit increases resulting from a sales income increase.

Look at all our results:

They are about PROFIT - and that's absolutely critical to look at with any business training, business course or business coach you may be considering.

And are these service providers showing video evidence with REAL businesses you can find online, that you can call and talk to the owner? That's important too. 

Do these other course providers or business coaches have video testimonials from accountants, because these professionals see the truth about advisers and how much profit increase they achieve. And most accountants won't recommend any course, or business coach. 

You won't see all our results here, so if you want to know how effectively our online business training works, enter your details into our Academy of Business Mastery page and you'll receive a lot more info on our results in dozens of industries.

Ask us any questions about what results we've achieved with your industry too. Afterall our training with over one thousand businesses means your type of business could have been one of them... with spectacular profit increasing results!


Electrical Contractor
"My Net Profit is up by more than $855,000, and now I only work a 4-day week" 

Chris is an electrical contractor based in Queensland Australia. He's a very happy man now that he has control of his business and personal life. He regularly takes a month off and works three or four days a week.   

Chris Hislop - White Light Electrical Contractors


Powder Coater
"I have a full-time manager, and I can choose to work in my business, or not" 

Alan went from one employee to more than twelve and the proud owner of a mul-million dollar super profitable business being run by his general manager. He can choose to take time off and work on his hobbies or go fishing or work on his business.
Alan Baggs - Precision Powder Coating   



"$120,000 more cash in the bank in one quarter and no more stress" 

Milton found he was thinking about his business every day and night, on weekends, when he was meant to be enjoying his time with family. As a result of the training his profits increased by over $120,000 in a three month time frame, without any additional marketing.  Even more importantly, after the training course was finished, he had stopped thinking about his business completely between Friday afternoons and Monday morning. That's the outcome we're most proud of, because it gave Milton back his life.
Milton Hampe - MJ United Plumbing & Drainage  



Electrical Contractor
"$550,000 net profit to $1.29 million, and took 6 months off"


Went from a $551,000 net profit on a $2.9Million turnover to $1.29Million in net profit on a $4.3Million turnover, but also took 6 months off to travel around Australia and just enjoy life with his family. He then bought another business in a completely unrelated industry, but stopped working hard, long hours again. He'd become a true entrepreneur. 
Martin Olszanowski  


"Turned a loss of $100,000 to a positive profit of $226,000"

Turned a $100,000 Loss into $226,000 positive profit and increased his sales by $620,000. If it wasn't for this training, he probably wouldn't have survived in his business. 
Wes Turvey - Prosolve Constructions



"My profits doubled, and there's more cash in the bank than I've ever seen"

Brett was surprised to see his business profits increase, without new marketing and without hiring additional staff. The measuring tools revealed areas where profit was being lost and also a profit opportunity to hire an Office Junior, at a low salary who was taking on some client preparation work one of his accountants was taking care of. This and other changes brought about the dramatic profit increase.  
Brett Hetherington - Hetherington & Associates - (Chartered Accountants)   



Financial Planner & Accountant
"The course content of the Academy was phenomenal"

Robert Bauman - Straight Money Talk (Financial Planning)

Robert said he's seen what's on offer in the market place with business coaching services and 'wasn't impressed'. After seeing the full course content, in nine workbooks and seeing what we offer for free, he 'saw introduced the training to his business clients. Robert volunteered to go on record with this video to talk about his own, as well as the client's experiences. Robert is the author of Straight Money Talk, a book on saving and making money. 

A lot of attendees of the Academy of Business Mastery course don't want their business names published, for competitive advantage reasons. These clients' business names have been withheld. 

“My mower retail and service shop saw the net profit margin increase from 8% to 11.3%. My team increased from three to six employees and I reduced my work hours from sixty six down to fifty five. I continue to invest in team training workshops on a regular basis with Profit Transformations. The quality of all their training is very high.”
~ (Name and address withheld)

“In my $3,103,0000 turnover glass business in Brisbane my net profit margin increased from 8% to 12% just from the team building, team meetings, measuring and systems we introduced. I'm taking a month off now whenever I like because my business is operating so smoothly now, without me needed to be there all the time. ”
~ (Name and address withheld)

"We own a fibre optic related business, so its a bit unusual. With all three partners attending the course and applying the content, with discussions and review of strategies, we saw a remarkable increase in both our turnover and net profit margin. The training gave us the confidence to build our business with structure as Tim calls it. Our turnover in the financial year before was $757,000 with a net profit of 63,000, the year after the turnover was $1,487,000 with a net profit of $330,000, a huge increase of 267,000. The difference it makes to the week to week running with all the extra cash is fantastic.”
~ (Name and address withheld)

“My business increased it's Net Profit Margin from 16% to 25% during the year I attended the training. That was without any focus on advertising or marketing, just by applying strategies in the areas of systems, team building, measuring and customer service.”
M. Maduras – Optiko 

“My Net Profit Margin increased from 9% to 18% in the seven months I attended training Course.”
S. Hall – Hall Financial Solutions

“My accounting firm saw an increase in Net Profit Margin from 14% to 23% by attending the Academy of Business Mastery. I highly recommend other businesses and accounting firms look at having this training if they want to increase their profit margins.”
R. Carroll – RA Carroll Accountants

“Our engineering company increased the Net Profit Margin from 4.8% to 9.8% by the end of the Workshop Series and it hadn’t been over 4.8% in the last 3 years. Our staff reduced from thirty one down to twenty five even though our turnover went up 20%. We also achieved a record for sales of $1,000,000 for the month of June for 2009 to cap it off“ 
McCormack Industries 

“We increased turnover from $1.7 Million to $3.2 Million in the seven months of Business Freedom. Net profit margin went from 1.6% to 11.5%. Staff increased from twenty one to thirty seven using the excellent recruitment system given in the Workshops.”
~ Plastering company (name & address withheld for public advertising)

"Our security company was struggling for cash, and thanks to the course I realised it was due to a low net profit margin (of -5%) and not having a system to price our services. Thanks to the course we now use the tool provided for pricing to sell at a 15% net profit margin and that made a huge improvement to profits as a result. And thanks to the conversion rate training we were able to win just as many sales, even with the much higher prices to make the 15% profit margin our goal. The course saved our business.
~ (Name and address withheld)

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