Over two decades of recommending books to thousands of business owners has generated excellent and valuable insight into which books are beneficial because they contain practical information and which contain principles, but not usable content.

The books below are some taken from a list provided in the Academy of Business Mastery. In the course, books are discussed and matched to businesses owners experience in 5 business related subjects and their 'phase' of learning (see the "5 Phases of Business Evolution" to learn about each phase).

Although all these small business marketing books and management books are the best by popularity (valuable content), not all will resonate with all readers.

Personal Growth Books

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson
A simple, easy to read book that everyone likes.

Conversations With God - Book 1  by Neale Donald Walsch
The brilliant and very thought provoking New York Times Best Seller

The Happiness Advantage
 by Shawn Achor
A research into what makes people happy and 7 principles to apply to become happier.

The Law of Success in 16 Lessons by Napoleon Hill 
This is the little known BIG version book of Think and Grow Rich few people know about. If you like it, you will LOVE this book as its about 4 times the size. Think and Grow Rich is a short story book compared to what this contains and what was left out was almost criminal! 
You can also watch the whole book on video online for free

General Business Books

The E-Myth Revisted by Michael E Gerber
The classic "Bible" of business, you must read if you want to have a life as a business owner. Its an eye opener and everyone who reads it, wishes they read it when they first started their business.

Good to Great by Jim Collins
A brilliant research book into what makes a public company super successful through multiple CEO's spanning more than 10 years. A great read into unique aspects of business success.

Ready, Fire Aim
 by Michael Masterton
A book for entrepreneurs who want to build empires. Written by a man who started over 20 companies and failed in a lot. You learn more by failing than success and he takes you through phases of business growth and the limitations from $0 to $1,000,000 revenue, from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 and all the way up to where he's taken 2 businesses, $500,000,000. Very interesting reading!

Start with Why by Simon Sinek
A fantastic book, built around why things matter. Starting with "why" is everything. This book makes you ask why in so many different ways. Its the basis of the first step of the 7 Steps to Business Certainty - Building Your Vision, because your vision becomes your "why, you will do what's necessary be super successful. This is a great book to buy on audio. 

Small Business Marketing Books

Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini
This is like a Bible for sales and marketing. Do not read this if you don't have integrity and ethics in business.

Instant Cashflow
 by Bradley J Sugars
A very practical book full of strategies that work and a ranking for each one. (The first versions had Tim Stokes' name in it as a noted contributor to Brad Sugars business)

Magic Words That Bring You Riches by Ted Nicholas
An advanced marketing book. Not one for new to marketing people. He's the 6 billion dollar man, as that's how much he's sold in products and services in his life with his own marketing materials. What he doesn't know about marketing isn't worth knowing. 

Amazon is a great site to read the reviews to find out more about each one. 



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