You'll find a unique array of excellent insights, strategies and ideas in Tim Stokes - the Founder of Profit Transformations - books. 

Each book is a goldmine of highly refined information gained from 20 years of studying small business marketing (selling, and management) from the best marketers and trainers in the world combined with measuring $50,000,000 worth of marketing with over 1,260 businesses and the results of feedback from clients mentored from 18 years in the business coaching and training industry. 

How to Pick A-Class Customers in One Minute

Imagine, if all the clients you serviced with your business were A-Class customers. And, they referred more A-Class clients to your business. It's very achievable, when you become very clear of what an A-Class customer is for your business and this book will assist in understanding how to spot them, in under a minute (with practice).

Where a person can waste your time with quotes, meetings or discussions you can pick them, if you know what you are looking for and that's what this book is about and more. If you like the sound of this book, grab the next one too. 

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The 5 Phases of Business Evolution

This book is about business growth phases and gives you a fascinating look inside your success journey, with any subject you will ever have an interest in learning. You can go through each phase in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years or even decades, depending on the size of the subject you are learning. That's why it's important to know the traps and pitfalls that lie ahead, so you can understand them when you reach them, as you probably won't know you are trapped while in each phase.

small business management books

How to Develop Better Communication Skills

This book discusses the barriers to effective communication and gives you 5 proven strategies on how to develop communication skills to books the productivity of your team.

Grab this book as a fantastic sample of our content and as a lead into our communications skills training course.

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90 Degree Marketing

This small business marketing book is all about the oldest and best marketing (specifically lead generation) strategy in the world. There's no strategy better than free when it comes to generating leads. This book introduces you to the power of trusted referrals and how to seriously amplify them to bring a flood of leads into your business... for free and with zero risk. 

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7 RED Hot Marketing Strategies to Rocket Your Profits

This is one of our most popular small business marketing books (and 7 Videos with it) with seven of powerful zero-cost strategies. You can apply some of these strategies instantly and see the difference often on the very first day. Strategy one - about answering phone calls in your business - has proven to increase sales by 17%, in a week.

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The Management Secret - How to Double Your Profits for Free

This business management book is all about net profit margins - the most important subject you can focus on in business to access hidden, dormant profits for free. The book contains strategies to increase your profits for free. The best one by far is... (read the book to find out).

In this book you'll be given the net profit margin figure you need to aim for with your business. You'll get clarity on what it needs to be and how to reach it. 

small business management books

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