Video is One of the Best Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses 

If you want quality inquiries for your business, cost effectively then video is your perfect platform. 

Video conveys a far more effective message than a web page. And not having a video on your home page is becoming seriously detrimental. 

Video lead generation is in its infancy, but its going to be BIG in the next few years. Getting your videos in and ranking now makes a difference, just like the age of a domain does with any website URL.

Thanks to extensive research spanning 4 years with video marketing, we've identified the absolute best, cutting edge video marketing strategies. And these strategies aren't just about videos on YouTube, they are about getting videos on and as well as the other Google country variations. 

Ask for proof to see our videos ranking in Google in the top 10 as that's our speciality. 

Forget expensive Adwords, where you're competing with a boring, super short text ad. Text ads are only communicating 7% of a message whereas a video can communicate 38% of the message, so it has far more power and the ability to "Warm" prospects up. 

Sample Video One

Here's a sample of our of our videos showing it ranking in in the number 2 position for a competitive phrase...



See the number of competitors at the top? That's a very competitive phrase.

What it comes down to, with all businesses is... what can you pay as a cost per lead and cost to aquire a customer?

When you know your figures from any other form of lead generation then you're ready to talk to us about creating a lead generation system... that works. 

Sample Video Two

Here's another video being ranked in Australia in the very competitive Sydney market, focused on Parramatta, the biggest suburb of Sydney. Its ranked in position 2. 




Here is another example of the same video (below), showing the same video.

The BIG benefit with our videos is, you rank for multiple phrases not just one as you can see here...



Notice its the same video, so one video is ranking for 2 competitive phrases, plus more not shown here. 

If you want to generate leads consistently and at a fantastic controlled price then get in contact with us and lets talk about it. 

Call our office now on 1300 778 377 and lets discuss your lead generation needs - obligation free.


Is there a cost to make the video?
No, we don't need to come out to see you as the message in a video doesn't have to contain the business owner or business. The video content can generate "warm" leads without spending the typical $2,000 to $5,000 cost of a full video production. Our videos have proven to generate leads that turn into sales without any cost of production to you.

Can you prove these videos work?
Yes, we can create a video for your business and have it rank the very same day after its uploaded, and for very competitive phrases. 

What's it cost?
Its a super cost effective strategy, based on a fraction of Adword costs as a cost per click. With some ads costing $50 or more as the Cost Per Click, Adwords is getting and is now beyond being cost effective as a lead generation strategy for a lot of small businesses. Video lead generation is super cost effective and becoming one of the most cost effective and consistent strategy there is. 

Will you work with our competitors?
No. We only will generate leads using video with one business in an industry so we won't talk to your competitors to do the same thing. So get in first to secure this cost effective lead generation strategy for your own industry before your competitors do. 

What do I do next?
Contact with our office on 1300 778 377 (+61 7 31940477) or use the Contact us page.


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