There are some very BIG secrets to internet marketing that very few business owners (and most "marketing experts") understand from experience (the true source of learning).

Best of all these secrets cost you nothing to benefit from. All you need is the advanced training to learn these secrets and you'll boost your online lead generation results significantly and rapidly! 

The secret is, there's a HUGE difference between what most nearly all businesses are doing with lead generation marketing, and top quality, professional that is super effective marketing.

You can tell the difference because effective marketing makes you more PROFIT, not just income and that's partly because top quality marketing 'attracts' quality customers who gladly pay full price and buy on trust.

Unfortunately, as a very small percentage of businesses are effective with their marketing, and they are 'fighting amongst themselves for scraps' - dealing with poor quality customers who waste people's time, compare prices with lots of competitors, haggle over small items, delay payments, and generally aren't that great to deal with.

Great quality marketing "pre-sells" people, before you even talk to them. You see then regularly with people actually calling and saying, "I'm interested in buying XXX, when would you be able to supply it to me?" and they don't even ask the price! ("When" questions are a sign of buying and quality customers frequenly ask "when" questions).

Many of the principles of marketing haven't changed in one hundred years, and never will because the human nature fact that people buying on emotions. Unfortunately, few people are consciously aware of the subtleties of emotions and how to instill them and influence people with their website (for example). This one principle is where the PROs in marketing are vastly different with their content to amatuers who taught themselves. 

Most business owners aren't willing to learn about effective small business marketing, and the question is are you?

Most outsource their marketing, e.g. pay a website developer to build them a new site, but that is NOT learning about marketing.

Often the most critical aspects of a website - the top image and headline/text is the least focused on and the business owner tends to leave those most critical ingredients of any website to the website developer. That's an expensive mistake. 

Cheap marketing isn't cheap, its extremely expensive as it costs the business hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income

By learning various, essential aspects of online marketing, you'll be far better informed to either instruct quality service suppliers or to choose a quality service supplier and that can make a massive difference to your marketing RESULTS!

Our marketing training is a brilliant solution to learning "High Quality" lead generation focused marketing...

The Marketing Fast Track Training Workshop

This workshop gives you the best education you need to be on control of effective marketing. It contains the basics all the way up to very advanced, effective marketing even billion dollar companies aren't using!

The workshop is a collation of 25+ years of learning marketing from the masters of marketing in the world. Over three dozen mentors and entrepreneurs have contributed to the combined knowledge that goes into this course. The investment for all their training, workshops, courses, books and mentoring is well over $80,000. 

You can either pay that yourself, learning all aspects of marketing, and specific details of each strategy, or simply consider the Marketing Fast Track training.

Here's what the workshop covers in depth...

  • How to get your business on Google My Business - so you are above the organic search results on the MAP. This is like paying $5,000 for SEO, but it costs you nothing using the very advanced principles you'll learn!
  • Advanced website design principles. You can't rely on a website developer, they are rarely experts with design (images and text are left up to the purchaser, so you have to know what choices work best for these two of many critical areas.
  • Secrets of Search Engine Optimising. You can do a LOT of super effective SEO to see loads of your individual web pages ranking higher in 3 to 4 days.
  • Advanced SEO tools. These tools are what the pros use. They provide you with FACTS to see what works and what doesn't rapidly. With FACTS as your guide, with proven principles your pages will rank higher, fast!
  • The TOP website ranking factors you must know in 2017 that are safe, and effective.
  • A little known secret to bring LOADS more leads to your business, highly qualified and wanting to buy.This strategy is so easy, you can almost certainly do it yourself, and no one is talking about it!
  • How, and more importantly where to get backlinks to your site - for free - in minutes.
  • Social media platforms, which one/s you need and secrets of what makes them work and look professional.
  • 10 videos to study and learn. These videos contained some most advanced, and effective ways to generate more leads for your business - for free - just by investing minutes of your time.  

You'll learn how the professionals look at marketing with layout, imagery, text, 'sales funnels' and more. These are the major, critical ingredients of any effective marketing design.

The course kicks off with a half day (online) training session where actual websites and examples of marketing are seen and discussed (including your own site). Then advanced principles of marketing design are discussed in more detail. 

At the end of the live discussion-based training, you'll be left with excellent resources to continue your training with videos, a workbook and online tools you'll be introduced to. 


The Marketing Fast Track Training is one of the most practical and in-depth courses you'll ever find online! Its the missing training you always needed, even if you knew that or not. It's the course with training on research, on facts, on proven principles of effective marketing, refined through decades of measuring marketing, both before and after implementation. 

Here's a comment from one of our attendees about the workshop...

"This content is pure gold, from effective website design to proven marketing success processes and website traffic principals to stem the leaking profit bucket."
Chris Hislop - White Light Electrical

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