Business Skills Are Very Different to Employee Technical Skills

You may have excellent industry related skills from working in it for decades - but the skills of business are very different and are rarely learned by business owners as who offered them the business training? 

The business skills that are unrelated to your industry, that all businesses have in common relate to the facts, 

  • Every business has people as customers, so every business needs marketing and salespeople who talk to and influence customers
  • Every business needs income, has costs and expenses and needs to make a good profit to survive
  • Every business has people involved, as employees, business partners, suppliers and customers
  • Every business has financial responsibilities/obligations
  • Every business can succeed or fail based on decisions made by the business owner/s

The list could go on and on, but you can see the point; that business skills on management is about excelling at non-industry related tasks.

Success in business is about having plenty of cash in the business bank account with surplus cash for whenever you need it.

Its also having having systems in place to allow the business to grow, without strong dependency on you as a resource.

Having both of these outcomes is what our premier online business training skills course called the Academy of Business Mastery is all about. 

That's where our experience gained from working closely and long term with over one thousand businesses to give them the necessary business skills training - shines through.

By working one on one with business owners in service, wholesale, manufacturing and retail industries, the same challenges were mentioned by owners are very different sized businesses. 

What was lacking for all of them was a stress-free, quality of life. 

They nearly all said they wanted solutions or weren't happy with...

  1. Lack of time, always feeling busy
  2. Lack of cash, often struggling with very low reserves
  3. Staff issues (apathy, motivation, dependability)
  4. Strategies that actually worked to bring in customers and to grow the business

The good news is, all these challenges have solutions and that's what the Academy - our business course online is focused on delivering with a proven business management system containing all the business growth strategies you need. 


The 7 Subjects of the Academy of Business Mastery...

  1. Building Your Vision
  2. Team Building & Recruitment
  3. The Magic of Measuring
  4. Planning to Achieve Your Goals
  5. Systems for Profit Growth
  6. Secrets of Sales & Marketing
  7. Management, The Final Phase

These 7 subjects or skills were identified from experience gained by working closely with, and solving hundreds of business owners challenges, including all of the four major challenges above. What was also discovered is that virtually all businesses needed all seven subjects and if any were introduced out of the order listed above a short term gained may have been achieved, but the result was nowhere near as powerful or as great when applied in this sequence.

This business management system or formula came about by understanding that measuring is the foundation of management, because numbers never lie. If you aren't making decisions based on numbers, you're guessing and assuming and we all know what that leads to. 

You can trust numbers, because they are part of the creation of our universe. 

How you introduce numbers (to employees) and what to do with the numbers once you have them, is what the Seven Steps are all about.

People often resist accountability, so just because you want to measure a lot of aspects of your business - i.e. people performance, doesn't mean your team will be excited by that idea. In fact, they will probably resist it happening, strongly!

That's what the first two steps are about (without going into a lot of detail here).

Clarifying your VISION of your business is paramount to your first essential step towards great success. It also makes you happier. (The Entrepreneurs VISION short course is focused on this crucial step).

The VISION gives you clarify, confidence and passion, which is a great start to motivate your team to be happier, more productive and more open to be part of step three - measuring.

What you measure from our supplied tools is often astonishing for business owners. They instantly see how decisions have cost them money, or they are missing out on seriously big profit increases, or their assumptions about employee performance, marketing results or prices on jobs could have some assumptions in there that cost them money.

You'd be even more amazed at how effortless it is to make decisions when numbers tell you what to do. You'll see how to instantly increase your profits!

Measuring is step three, choosing strategies is step four, five is systems and KPIs so your staff are held accountable to free up your time, step six is sales and marketing and seven is all about managing your business.

Measuring reveals the profit 'opportunities' and also the profit 'leaks'



Plugging profit leaks, before putting more water in the bucket (i.e. increasing leads to the business), just makes good sense, because its "free money"

Strategies (step four) are how you increase your profits from what you discover with measuring.

Step five happens naturally because when you measure people and prices and margins (outcomes after the work) for a while, you soon see how much you need systems.

Sales and marketing is what can create massive, instant growth in your business. Some of our clients have tripled their sales in thirty days while others have added $200,000 to $400,000 to their monthly income thirty days later. 

That kind of explosive growth can only be 'managed' when you have numbers to base your decisions on and systems to train new people fast. 

Business management is tying it all together, to leverage yourself out of production (technical work), sales (pricing/quotes), admin and finance and into management. 

Management is a full time job, or at least three days a week, every week. But how many days a week are you working on your business now? Not hours, days.

Implementing business growth strategies, new systems and team training is a full time role and unfortunately most business owners aren't doing a lot of it. They say they're too busy, but are they saying their too busy to make more money?

Fulfilling a selling, production, admin or finance role does nothing to increase your businesses net profit margin. Management strategies implemented are what do that. 

The J-Curve of Business Growth

business skills training online

The seven steps assist you slowly at first, to move more into the role of management. It's a training process of developing skills of management and leveraging through your team, to increase their productivity and freeing up your time to measure. Measuring finds the profit opportunities and leaks to take advantage of increase profit margins.

Higher profit margins mean more cash in the bank.

What can you do with more cash in the bank? Employ someone so you can delegate the sales, production, admin and finance tasks to, so you can move into what makes you seriously big JUMPS in your profit margins and profits through sales increase. Then you can choose to work, or not because with a great team, accountable to numbers and systems, your business is now being setup to operate smoothly and profitably, completely without you!

That's the outcome for which the Academy of Business Mastery was scientifically engineered and refined over seventeen years to achieve.

And yes, you can have a general manager that you can trust, because the Seven Steps gives you the training, tools and management reporting ability to see that your general manager is doing a great job. That's why numerous clients since 2002 (when it first occurred) have moved interstate to where their business operated for years, completely and worry free, without them.

If you like the sound of work being optional or part time and worry free, then you're ready for the Academy of Business Mastery!

Talk to us and let's explore your business profit opportunities together. We can talk to you online in one video/audio meeting to discuss your dreams, goals, challenges and most importantly, your businesses profit potential. 

If we both agree you're ready for the training and would benefit greatly then we can talk about the next step and getting started. If not, then maybe you're not ready now, or won't be for a while... which is fine. But at least you'll know. 

Wouldn't it be great to find out and be certain? You could be missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in pure net profit by not attending. That's a lot of CASH to be going without, just for the sake of a brief meeting. 

You've got nothing to lose but profit to gain by getting in contact.

We're ready when you are - because there's no "perfect" time to become more successful and time is always a challenge, until you take action to solve the challenge permanently! 

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