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In late 1990's business coaching entered the market place - following the principle that if you had a sports coach, why not a business coach?

It was a good marketing concept, except that the one company that kicked it off, didn't have any systems to launch their brand new franchise in 1997. The result of the ten new "Pilot" franchisees was, within two months six had disappeared leaving four, who fortunately had a lot of business experience prior to becoming the "test pilots". 

One of the four who drew from their own extensive experience was Tim Stokes - the Managing Director of Profit Transformations.

Tim used his extensive background of running, marketing and systemising companies to work one on one with hundreds of business owners in all kinds of industries.

The same challenges and issues kept coming up from all his business owner clients, and since he kept solving the same challenges, Tim developed highly refined systems, measuring tools, templates and strategies.

These were assembled in 2007 to form a group business training course. This became the new and improved method of transferring information to business owners to grow their businesses - with spectacular results, even better than the great results Tim was consitently achieving with his clients one on one.

Let's face it. Business coaching is expensive, with prices these days for the experienced ones (over 12 years) being from $2,000 to $4,000 per month, for 12 months. Yes, that's up to $48,000 in costs for the whole year they want you to lock into! 

The course is nowhere near that investment, but it also comes with detailed, comprehensive instructions on implementing strategies, the systems supplied in the course and ready to customise templates.

No other business training course online or offline gives attendees so much practical, proven profit increasing information, anywhere in the world.

How goos is the course?

The proof is shown by the incredible results, seen in bottom line profit increases in Profit & Loss Statements of clients. 

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If anyone or any course you are considering doesn't provide loads of profit increasing (not just income increasing, as there is a huge difference) RESULTS, give their offer a miss, and consider our business course - the Academy of Business Mastery the ultimate online business course.


Here's Why the Academy of Business Mastery is Recommended by Cautious Accountants...

For a start, all the positive points of a great business coach are incorporated into the Academy - the ultimate business course online, which is the experience, and information you receive, but since its a training course, you get so much more...

business course online

Tim Stokes - the Academy course creator - has the track record few business coaches in the world would compare to. Not only was Tim an early pioneer for the industry as a pilot franchisee, Tim's systems, strategies and concepts were put into the world's biggest business coaching franchise of Action Coach, formerly (Action International - until 2004) so that over 1,500 business coaches have benefited from Tim's knowledge and with that hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide since 1997. 

The Academy of Business Mastery is a (practical, not academic) course for business owners. In the course you receive 10 detailed workbooks (you'll refer to for years) to write in specific content in the course full of wisdom gained from decades of experience. 

You are part of a small group in the training (delivered online across the world) using proven, highly refined systems, measuring tools and strategies - all proven to work from ten years of coaching many hundreds of businesses. The content is what 95% of all service and manufacturing companies have needed to build a super profitable business, that works and keeps growing fast, without the owner working hard any more (or even at all if they choose that option). 

During the Academy one on one training is also provided where necessary in multiple areas so its the best of business coaching combined with the most effective way to give you the knowledge you need. 

There's no other business growth course online or offline in the world as comprehensive and as powerful as the Academy of Business Mastery

See some of the results for yourself.

See the professional accounting firm partners who recommend the course on video, and then try to find accountants anywhere in the world who recommend any other business courses or business coaches and you'll do well to find five or even one. 

The Academy of Business Mastery changes businesses and also business owners lives. Our attendees not only solve their cash flow challenges, but also their growth challenges, their employees challenges, their lack of time challenges and absence of freedom and quality of life where working at all is optional challenges.

Find out more. Put us to the test to see that for yourself.

Fill in your details below to receive the course brochure and also the Contents List of the whole Academy business course. 

Best of all, the Academy of Business Mastery is affordable for businesses that are ready to attend, which are ones with $500,000 or more in turnover (unlike the $3,000/month business coaching cost).

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