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What are 'Done For You' Systems?

In all business to grow it to the level where you can step back and take some more time off, you need systems. 

Our systems are the result of hundreds of business owners giving their feedback and input into refining them. They are finished, yet still being improved (as all systems need to be).

Our measuring tools (system templates) are constantly being improved thanks to feedback from our clients spanning years, who are still using them.

So our systems are "Done For You", which means you just need the training on how to understand them, what they achieve, why they are built or need to be used a certain way and then you can simply enjoy the peace of mind and massive time saving benefits.

To create our systems that we give you would take at least one thousand hours of your time, yet in just fifty two hours you'll be fully trained on how to use all our systems for all areas of your business.

How can Profit Transformations help my business?

If you've been in business a few years or even decades, you'd know there's more to owning and managing your business than just marketing and carrying out services. 

Whatever challenges you have with growing your business, will be very similar to our one thousand plus clients we're worked with over twenty years.

So whatever challenge you have, there is a solution to it, and those solutions are all included in our training and business courses.

You need to be able to hire quality employees you can rely on, you need to make sure you prices are right to make a healthy profit margin and you need to manage cash flow etc. to name a few. 

All the challenges related to time, money, staff, increasing customers and growing your business is what Profit Transformations assists businesses with, and the results of our clients' business are spectacular (see the some of our results on video).

Why is the Academy of Business Mastery described as 'beyond business coaching'?

If you've had a business coach, you'd know it can be expensive because they are selling time by the hour. Business coaches spend half their time listening to the challenges of the business owner too. That's an expensive way of improving a business.

After listening they tend to tell you what strategies or systems you need to create and you end up doing all the work to create the solutions and systems your business needs.

The Academy of Business Mastery course was created after listening and working with over three hundred businesses so the learning curve of understanding nearly every challenge in business was mostly complete and that's what went into building the Academy training.

There's no wasted time just analysis common challenges and lengthy discussions, instead the course content is about implementing solutions and discussing the results to improve of them again. 

Rarely does a coach have pre-built measuring tools, over 165 strategies already identified, systems ready to drop in and use and dozens of templates that take minutes to customise to any business, but that's all included in the Academy of Business Mastery. 

Our Course is about educating and training you on what works best to solve challenges permanently. It's focused on how to apply and use our measuring tools, systems and strategies, so what takes a business coach months, we cover in one or two sessions with systems and training.

Plus you receive ten workbooks plus dozens of email attachments with templates ready to drop in and use, including video training, and there's also one on one training and discussions. 

The good news is, you can attend the Academy of Business Mastery from wherever you are in the world today. You'll simply join into a small group, that's not so big you get lost and don't get the one on one Q & A every session. All content you implement is discussed and reviewed, to take all the guesswork out of growing your business. 

What Size Businesses Do You Work With?

Our clients' businesses need to be over $400,000 in revenue/turnover per year and ideally have been trading for 3 years. Read the 5 Phases of Business Evolution (on our free book list - under "Free Stuff" on the menu) for more about our best suited business size client. 

Will Your Done For You Solutions and System Suit Your Business?

Absolutely! Our systems are about management and the need for systems that every business has.

If you look at public companies, they regularly recruit CEO's from outside their industry with little to no industry knowledge, but they pay them millions of dollars a year. What they have is business acumen and management skills. That's what we train businesses on. So yes, it will definitely work for your business, whatever industry you operate in.

These are some of our clients' and results... 

Client Results2

And there are hundreds more fantastic client results across service, manufacturing, retail, importing and wholesale. Clients over $700,000 are often increasing their P & L Statement results by $100,000 to $350,000 in six to ten months.

Some clients prefer to get their time back because they're working eighty hours a week, so the results are not financial, but still live changing when they no longer have to work every day. Some of our clients have wanted to stop working in their business and travel the world, while their business works smoothly and completely without them. That outcome is what the Academy of Business Mastery has been designed to achieve and does, right from the first year it was created (from experience over ten years) in 2007.

Will Our Systems Work for My Business?

That's one of our most asked questions and the answer is absolutely! Our own marketing since 1997 has always been to the general public, so we've created solutions to work with any type of business. Just look at the incredible results we achieve with our clients across all kinds of industries in service, manufacturing, retail and wholesale and you'll soon see that our results work with any type of businesses.

Management and business are the subjects of our courses. Look at public companies, they hire external manager to run their billion dollar companies, that have little or no industry experience, yet they are paid millions in salary a year. It's because they understand business and how to manage a business.

This course is about you. It's about understanding yourself and how to be a better leader, better at measuring, better at systems and how to increase your business' net profit margin by 5% to 15% or more. You'll be amazed at how other business owners in completely different industries have the same growth challenges as you. So it's about solving the common growth challenges all businesses face.

Our systems, templates and measuring tools have been created based on working with over 1,260+ businesses, so there's a very good chance we've either worked with the exact same business as yours, or one very similar to yours with the same challenges, so you're in very good hands. 

What Countries Are You Servicing?

All countries in the world that have an internet connection as all our courses can and are delivered online, in small groups. It's fun, and interactive as the delivery platform is a video conference service where attendees log in with their webcam, speakers and microphone to listen, ask questions and discuss the content and share their results and experiences in each session as we move through the fifteen sessions of content. Plus, if you miss a session you can review it on video. 

Is Your Seven Month Academy of Business Mastery Expensive?

There's no real comparison of training or business education like it in the market place, so its not easily compared, but compared to business coaching no, its far more affordable. Small groups are a better learning environment than one on one because you will learn from all the attendees, not just the trainer. And because it's delivered in small groups, the cost of training is greatly reduced because it's not an hourly rate based training. That and the systems you get with instructions in workbooks and videos. So yes, the training is affordable for any business over $400,000, even though there is over seventeen years of experience behind it all. 

Do You Guarantee Results?

The short answer is no, because we're not using the content and proven strategies in your business, you are. We can't guarantee you will use the content or strategies, so how we can offer a guarantee? The results prove the merit of the content, so do the video testimonials from accounting firms, with real names and businesses you can find online to prove they are real.

Accountants rarely recommend any training to their clients, let alone go on video to do so. That should tell you something about the quality of the content. If you're still skeptical after reading one of our books, and attending a free online training website, then you probably can't fully appreciate the effectiveness of our strategies, so maybe it's not for you... just yet. And that's okay with us. We're happy to give you all the free training you like, without you having to spend even $1. 

How Can I Find Out More?

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