All business owners have a lot of needs with service providers. These providers include website developers, accountants, insurance brokers and business advisers.

By working with these various professional service providers their clients become our temporarily and as a result they become far more successful and management savvy business owners.

Thanks to our primary focus with business owners to increase their cash in the bank and their business' net profit margin, it means these businesses are now able to pay their invoices on time and have more cash in the bank to spend. 

Business owners need educating on the subject of business and management as no one gets that education before they go into business for themselves.

This is where Profit Transformations assists professionals and their clients. 

Our professional partners recognise their clients need far greater assistance than they can provide themselves and after carrying out their due diligence their clients are given high quality, educational and beneficial training information for free. Only by providing free, quality information will a business owner become a client of Profit Transformations. 

By working with our alliance partner clients, while also working with the managing director, and enhanced, deeper relationship to the client is the result and that deeper relationship lasts for years.

Below is a growing list of our professional partners who introduced the training and then attended the full course with their business clients. 

  • Bachmann Robinson (the first alliance partner for our premier course starting in 2007)
  • A D Hamilton & Associates
  • Liberty Wealth (accountants)
  • Straight Money Talk Financial Planning
  • Nexia Accountants (Brisbane)
  • R J Webb Accountants
  • Wheeler Accounting & Tax
  • M D Trimmer & Co
  • Liberty Wealth Group
  • Nuvo Creative
  • City Pacific Finance
  • BJL Bookkeeping
  • Wisdom Pacific
  • Abel Vincent & Dick
  • Business Enterprise Centre – Ipswich Region
  • Gaptax Business Solutions
  • Your Insurance Broker
  • RA Carroll Accountants
  • Make It Easy Business Solutions
  • Swiss Creative
  • Busy Bee Bookkeeping
  • Stephen Jose & Associates
  • Arrow Accounting
  • Beaudesert Hardware
  • Consolidated Accountants & Finance Brokers

Here are a selection of some of our alliance partners who experienced the 7 month training first hand with their clients...

Adam Hannant – Principal Accountant at BTACS





Adam Hannant - Principal Accountants - BTACS


Richard Abel – Principal Accountant of AVDCPA

Robert Bauman – Financial Planner & Managing Director of Straight Money Talk


Our Professional Partners benefit by their relationship to Profit Transformations in various ways; in their own businesses by attending the Academy of Business Mastery with their clients, by the training increasing the profits of their clients’ businesses, and to that leading to the need for more consulting work for the accountant or service provider.

In addition, the client is introduced to management reporting spreadsheets that the accountant can interpret and advise on, all of which leads to better working relationships with the clients.

To find out how the Academy of Business Mastery can enhance your relationships with your SME clients attend one of the Free Events or call the office on 1300 778 377 to arrange a time to meet with the Managing Director of Profit Transformations – Tim Stokes.

If you're not Australia based then contact us and we can talk about the benefits of being an alliance partner as our training courses can all be delivered online very successfully, to any country in the world in business hours.



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