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Tim Stokes  
Managing Director 
Profit Transformations 

Business coaches are everywhere now, but that wasn't the case when Tim started out in the industry as a pioneer in 1997.

If you own a business and are considering a business coach, management training, or attending a course, the important point to keep in mind is, you are paying them to get results. 

What sort of results is the question. Income increasing are a good start, but not the most important. Net profit increases are - because profit is what you have left over after expenses. That's what pays the wages of your employees and cash flows future growth.

To begin with that in mind, look at what results with factual profit increases they have achieved, and their number of years full time in the coaching industry because there's experience both as business owner, and with training business owners is essential with anyone you are considering to pay to learn from.

With that in mind, here's a brief introduction of Tim Stokes and the background of his company Profit Transformations...

Profit Transformations was given its name for what it achieves transformations of businesses, but more importantly - business owners' lives.

Tim Stokes - the Managing Director of the company knows all too well how hard it is to own a business, have a great life and include time for the family, thanks to his thirty plus years of business ownership experience (with seven different businesses).

From employees who stole all his equipment to business partners who did the wrong thing, Tim knows all about the 'school of hard knocks' and how to overcome them all.

After starting his own education from the best entrepreneurs, marketers and business experts Tim's made it his mission to be able to empower all business owners with quality content, and training so that they can live the life they dreamed of when first starting out in business. 

Tim entered the business coaching industry in 1997 while living in Sydney as a pilot franchisee business coach, when the industry first began. A few years later he was warded the "Worldwide Business Coach of the Year 2000". (See more on Tim's LinkedIn profile). In 2003 he moved to Brisbane where he continued training thousands of business owners in seminars, workshops and groups.

It's all about getting results with clients, and with a solid understanding of how to apply proven principles he learned from people like Michael Gerber in his "E-Myth" workshop in Sydney, he's definitely seeing those results.

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Tim's had dozens of mentors and entrepreneurs training him, with a major contributor being from the great Jay Abraham (the highest paid marketer in the world in the eighties and nineties). 

Later, in 1994 it was Chris Newton and his Results Corporation's team who provided mentoring in sales and marketing.

In addition Tim gained incredible people skills from more than two decades of personal growth, psychology studies and a thorough understanding of the importance of managing people with systems. 

Due to the growing quality and reputation challenges of of business coaching (often considered to be expensive with a poor ROI), Tim recognised the need for a change in the delivery model early, in 2006. 

The Result Based Solution, Beyond Business Coaching 

Tim collated all the proven solutions, strategies, tools and systems he had created over the years from experience with hundreds of clients' businesses to create what some say is one of the world's most comprehensive business training programs online.

The training gives attendees complete, ready to use systems, all the measuring tools a business needs and the strategies, plus reviews of any current service tracking software system you may be using now.

This course went through a few name changes and is now entitled the Academy of Business Mastery as it truly does give business owners mastery over their business and life.



Look at some of the long list of client results to see the quality of the content, measured in profit not just revenue. Also see the top professionals who now endorse the training of Profit Transformations to their own clients - usually from being clients themselves. 

The Academy of Business Mastery is the only complete business growth training course its kind in the world today because it comes with complete, ready to use systems, comprehensive measuring tools (for sales, marketing, production services, and cash-flow), 155 proven strategies and interactive discussion with one on one training and reviews of your business growth numbers using the supplied (or your own) measuring tools. 

When Tim's not refining or training business owners in courses he enjoys life with his wife, son and daughter in Brisbane after moving there in 2004. 

Tim still runs some courses himself online, plus various 1 day workshops, business webinars and seminars.

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