Our professional partners recognise their clients need assistance with increasing their profits and were prepared to keep an open mind to the opportunity of Business Certainty Training.
Below is a growing list of our professional partners who introduced the training and then attended the full course with their business clients
  • CFO On-Call – zero in on the key numbers that impact your results. Maximising sales, profit and cash is what it’s all about. Tight financial control provides the confidence to start, grow or sell your business.
  • Bachmann Robinson
  • Andrew R Edwards
  • Business Enterprise Centre – Ipswich Region
  • Hayes Knight (QLD)
  • Nuvo Creative
  • City Pacific Finance
  • BJL Bookkeeping
  • Wisdom Pacific
  • Abel Vincent & Dick
  • Gaptax Business Solutions
  • Your Insurance Broker
  • Straight Money Talk
  • RA Carroll Accountants
  • Make It Easy Business Solutions
  • Swiss Creative
  • Busy Bee Bookkeeping
  • Stephen Jose & Associates
  • Arrow Accounting
  • Beaudesert Hardware

Some of our alliance partners share their experience on video

These are just some of our alliance partners who saw the benefit of the training and introduced it to their clients and then attended the full Business Certainty Training with them.

 Adam Hannant – Principal Accountant at BTACS


Richard Abel – Principal Accountant of AVDCPA


Robert Bauman – Financial Planner & Managing Director of Straight Money Talk
Our Professional Partners benefit by their relationship to Profit Transformations in various ways; in their own businesses by attending The Business Certainty Workshop Series with their clients and by the training increasing the profits of their clients’ businesses, which creates the need for more consulting work for the accountant. In addition, the client is introduced to management reporting spreadsheets that the accountant can interpret and advise on, all of which leads to better working relationships with the clients.
To find out how Business Certainty can enhance your relationships with your SME clients attend one of the Free Events or call the office on 1300 778 377 to arrange a time to meet with the Managing Director of Profit Transformations – Tim Stokes.

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