Effective Solutions to small business management challenges

More Cash in the Bank

You deserve to be paid on time for the work you do. Our systems for efficiently collecting the money owed address that. More cash in bank (without chasing it) means less stress and more confidence in growing your business.

More Clients

We’ll help you attract more prospects and convert more into full-price paying customers, who pay on time and value what you offer. Plus introduced client retention strategies. 

People Solutions

Your success in business hinges on people - your employees, your clients, your suppliers and yes, yourself. The greater your people skills the more you can leverage and enjoy your business and life. 

More Free Time

Through staff meetings and effective delegation systems, we’ll free up your time to work on the business rather than in it... eventually freeing you from day to day management issues.

Strategies to Increase Your Customers

Thanks to 20 years of 'hands-on' marketing experience, you'll be introduced to our 4 types of marketing strategies - all highly refined and proven from decades of measuring results.  

The first type of strategies are 'Free'. The second, are 'Cost of Sale' strategies, where there is cost to acquire clients, but you always make money when you invest it. The third type of strategy is 'Expense' where you spend money but there's no guarantee of a return of income. With wisdom these strategies can easily turn into 'Cost of Sale' strategies where you always make money when you spend money.

The forth type of strategy is leverage, where you receive an ongoing benefit for the time and/or money you invest. The best leveraged, free marketing strategy is 90 Degree Marketing. Find out more and get the book for free by clicking below. 

Strategies to Increase Your Profitability

Our profitability strategies are actually better than our marketing strategies. That's because they increase your profits, without needing to increase your clients and therefore staff too. We call these strategies management strategies. 

These strategies are about identifying profit leaks and profit opportunities. Every business has them and with our measuring tools, when you find them, your profits increase rapidly. Its not uncommon for our clients to double or triple their net profit in one to 3 months after first using our measuring tools when we show what to look for. Our clients are amazed by our strategies, how simple they are and how effectively they work. 

The 5 Phases of Business Evolution

Training businesses for over 17 years has lead to deep understandings of the mindset of business owners on their journey of success. You've no doubt seen businesses start and grow, but then years later stop growing. While other businesses continue to grow for years - as a lot of our clients have, like one that grew to $50,000,000 in revenue from the $3,000,000 they were when they engaged our Business Certainty Training.

Understanding why that happens and knowing the path ahead of you is very beneficial-  as with any journey in life and the "5 Phases" will give you that insight.

Find out more about the 5 Phases to see where you on on your success journey and get the "5 Phases of Business Evolution" book - for free - by clicking below.


Results our clients' experiences

Plumber sees $120,000 More Profit
Plumber sees $120,000 More Profit
Milton Hampe's company M.J. United Plumbing & Drainage increased its net profit by $120,000 in ...
Accounting Firm - Doubled Net Profit
Accounting Firm - Doubled Net Profit
Brett Hetherington - Principal Accountant of Hetherington & Associates - saw his firm's net profit ...
Bathroom renovator - $172,000 more Profit
Bathroom renovator - $172,000 more Profit
Shane Beetson, Managing Director of Choice Bathrooms saw his business' turnover increase from $800,000 ...
Builder - $326,000 More Profit in 7 Months
Builder - $326,000 More Profit in 7 Months
Wes Turvey of Prosolve Constructions business was struggling with a loss of $100,000 on $1,300,000 turnover ...
Builder - Turnover up 310% without more on marketing
Builder - Turnover up 310% without more on marketing
Bernie, who owns Concept Constructions saw his sales increase 310% in 2 months, without spending a dollar ...
$980,000 more in Sales
$980,000 more in Sales
John and Andrew Beach owners of Spacebusters saw their $2,000,000 annual turnover increase by $980,000 ...

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