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More Surplus Cash  

Check out our Business Profit Calculator Tool to increase cash in your business.

More A-Class Clients

Our marketing strategies bring you A-class clients, not time-wasting leads. 

Happy Customers

Happy employees keep customers happy and they buy again and again. 

More Free Time

Systems and people skills to leverage and free up your time. 

A-Class Customer Marketing Strategies 

Your business profits grow easily when you "package" your business to be attractive to A-Class customers.

That packaging is in the form of systems, KPI's for team members, systems, sales and marketing. It's all included with Academy of Business Mastery course with systems, measuring, KPI's, strategies and more. 

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Strategies to Plug Profit 'Leaks' to Increase Cash

Unfortunately businesses have profit "leakage" (like the blue bucket) with low profitability and cash reserves.

Marketing has a lot to do with it and putting more water (increasing leads) into the business won't necessary increase cash or profit margins.

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Take Your Business to the Next Level - Effortlessly 

Our real world business growth strategies have been refined with more than one thousand businesses, by measuring both before and after implementation. 

Forget struggle, risk and guesswork with owning and growing your business, its all been taken out of the equation with our Academy of Business Mastery Training.

The first course to focus completely on increase your profits, freeing up your time and setting your business up to operate in part or completely independently of you. 

What's your VISION of extreme success? 

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Sample client results

  • Plumber sees $120,000 More Profit
    Plumber sees $120,000 More Profit

    M.J. United Plumbing & Drainage increased its net profit by $120,000 in one quarter of 2013 thanks to our small business course, without any additional marketing cost.

  • Accounting Firm - Doubled Net Profit
    Accounting Firm - Doubled Net Profit

    Brett Hetherington - Principal Accountant of Hetherington & Associates - saw his firm's net profit double in 7 months, without hiring more staff.

  • Bathroom renovator - $172,000 more Profit
    Bathroom renovator - $172,000 more Profit

    Shane Beetson, Managing Director of Choice Bathrooms saw his business' turnover increase from $800,000 to $1,400,000 in the financial year. The net profit margin increased from 17% to 22% and net profit $172,000. 

  • Builder - $326,000 More Profit in 7 Months
    Builder - $326,000 More Profit in 7 Months

    Prosolve Constructions was struggling with a loss of $100,000 on $1,300,000. Thanks to our small business course his net profit increased to $226,000 and turnover to $2,400,000, in 7 months. 

  • Builder - Turnover up 310% with no more marketing dollars
    Builder - Turnover up 310% with no more marketing dollars

    Bernie, who owns Concept Constructions saw his sales increase 310% in 2 months, without any more on marketing. 

  • $980,000 more in Sales
    $980,000 more in Sales

    John and Andrew Beach owners of Spacebusters saw their $2,000,000 annual turnover increase by $980,000 in 6 months, without any additional marketing cost or extra salespeople. 

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