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More Cash in the Bank

Our highly effective cash flow strategies will create surplus cash in your bank.

More Clients

We can show you powerful strategies to bring a flood of full price, paying clients. 

People Solutions

Our advanced people related skills will solve all your challenges with people. 

More Free Time

When you get clear of your priorities, you can free up all of your time. 

Strategies to Increase Your Customers 

Thanks to 2 decades of real world marketing experience and measuring over $50,000,000 in marketing, you'll be introduced unique marketing strategies that work!  

If you want the best lead generation strategy, then find out more about "90 Degree Marketing". This rarely used one, is free, yet one of the best,

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Strategies to Increase Your Net Profit Margin

The number one priority of business is to increase profits. Why spend money to make money, when you can 'unlock' profits in your business for free? Imagine, increasing your profits by $50,000 to $300,000... without more marketing or hiring more staff.

Like all things in life, its easy when you know how. We have the know how thanks to 18 years of solving 1,260 business clients challenges in business. Recently a client added $323,000 to his business' net profit, without spending even one dollar more on marketing. 

Our measuring tools drop into your business and find profit leaks and profit opportunities you didn't know you had.

You can stop hoping for more cash in your bank and see it increase fast with our measuring tools and proven strategies.

Find out more about our free training offers by becoming one of our video newsletter subscribers or read more. 

The 5 Phases of Business Evolution

Has your business stopped growing, or isn't growing as fast as you'd like? There are 5 phases of growing a business and each phase needs a different mindset.

Training businesses for over 18 years has led to a deep understandings of the each phase and how to move through it. Every business can grow 50% in a year, when you have the structure, systems, a great team and right strategies. 

Knowing the path ahead is an advantage on any journey, and it's the same in business. The "5 Phases" will give you that insight. Find out more about the 5 Phases and your path ahead with our free ebook.



Sample client results

  • Plumber sees $120,000 More Profit
    Plumber sees $120,000 More Profit

    M.J. United Plumbing & Drainage increased its net profit by $120,000 in one quarter of 2013, without any additional marketing cost.

  • Accounting Firm - Doubled Net Profit
    Accounting Firm - Doubled Net Profit

    Brett Hetherington - Principal Accountant of Hetherington & Associates - saw his firm's net profit double in 7 months, without hiring more staff.

  • Bathroom renovator - $172,000 more Profit
    Bathroom renovator - $172,000 more Profit

    Shane Beetson, Managing Director of Choice Bathrooms saw his business' turnover increase from $800,000 to $1,400,000 in the financial year. The net profit margin increased from 17% to 22% and net profit $172,000. 

  • Builder - $326,000 More Profit in 7 Months
    Builder - $326,000 More Profit in 7 Months

    Wes Turvey of Prosolve Constructions business was struggling with a loss of $100,000 on $1,300,000 turnover to $226,000 on $2,400,000, achieved in 7 months. 

  • Builder - Turnover up 310% with no more marketing dollars
    Builder - Turnover up 310% with no more marketing dollars

    Bernie, who owns Concept Constructions saw his sales increase 310% in 2 months, without any more on marketing. 

  • $980,000 more in Sales
    $980,000 more in Sales

    John and Andrew Beach owners of Spacebusters saw their $2,000,000 annual turnover increase by $980,000 in 6 months, without any additional marketing cost or extra salespeople. 

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