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  • Plumber sees $120,000 More Profit

    Milton, the owner of M.J. United Plumbing & Drainage saw his net profit jump by an amazing $120,000 in one quarter of 2013 thanks to our small business course, without any marketing cost.

  • Accounting Firm - Doubled Net Profit
    Accounting Firm - Doubled Net Profit

    Brett Hetherington - Principal Accountant of Hetherington & Associates - saw his firm's net profit double in 7 months, without hiring more staff.

  • Bathroom renovator - $172,000 more Profit
    Bathroom renovator - $172,000 more Profit

    Shane a bathroom renovation company saw his business' turnover increase from $800,000 to $1,400,000 in the financial year. The net profit margin increased from 17% to 22% and net profit $172,000. 

  • Builder - $326,000 More Profit in 7 Months

    Was said Prosolve Constructions was struggling with a loss of $100,000 on $1,300,000 turnover. With our small business course his net profit increased to $226,000 and turnover to $2,400,000, in 7 months. 

  • Builder - Turnover up 310% with no more marketing dollars
    Builder - Turnover up 310% with no more marketing dollars

    Bernie, who owns Concept Constructions saw his sales increase 310% in 2 months, without any more on marketing. 

  • $980,000 more in Sales
    $980,000 more in Sales

    John and Andrew Beach owners of Spacebusters saw their $2,000,000 annual turnover increase by $980,000 in 6 months, without any additional marketing cost or extra salespeople. 

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